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Avant Nu

Avant Nu

Complete Pre-designed (Ready-made) Building Plan:


Plan Features:

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Flat (code: 3-100-1)

Building Area 2,000 sq. feet.

All inclusive cost of $2,500TTD ($375USD)


Included in the Set:

Architectural Drawings

Structural Drawings

Plumbing Drawings

Interior and Exterior 3D Modeling/Renderings.


Construction Cost-Optional:

Building only - $1,100,000.00TTD ($162,420.00USD)

The construction cost is based on the building area.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Specific plot number, street name, distric area, country and owners' full name must be provided with each purchase. This information will be included on the drawing title sheets.


    Additional drawing copies for the same plot costs $300.00TTD ($45.00USD) each.

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